Aesthetic Treatments

Chemical Peel and Anti-Aging Facials

Rejuvi Dermatological, Phformula, IMAGE Skin Care and Mesoesthetic Medical are the ranges used in our Aesthetic Treatments. A chemical peel is an effective anti-aging treatment …

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Acne Treatments

Rejuvi Dermatological utilises multiple mechanisms to combat P.Acne bacteria from spreading through aseptic cleansing to kill the bacteria in situ, AHA complex to unplug pores and remove micro-comedones and to inhibit the over-abundance of male hormones that produce excessive sebum in the skin

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Needle-free mesotherapy is a painless non-bruising technique where natural extracts, vitamins, homeopathic agents and pharmaceuticals, especially hyaluronic acid are passed into the layer of fat & connective tissue under the skin.

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Our weight loss assist program consists of lipolytic injections to facilitate the breakdown of excess unwanted body fat, as well as an eating plan to help you change your eating habits to keep the unwanted body fat off permanently.

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Tattoo Removal

For tattoo removal we use a chemical extraction process, which requires over tattooing over the existing tattoo with the Rejuvi tattoo remover and thereby extracting the colour pigment in the skin.

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Pigmentation Treatments

Rejuvi Dermatological, Phformula and Mesoesthetic Medical products are used in anti/hyper-pigmentation treatments. We treat from very mild epidermal…

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Laser Rejuvenation and Hair Removal Treatments

Using a HIPL (High Intensity Pulsed Light) with GEM (Geometrical Energy Management) Hair Removal machine, the results are affordable, painless and highly effective.

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Plasma Pen Treatments

The Plasma Pen is a device that produces a plasma micro beam that is applied to the area of choice. This beam generates heat and causes sublimation of the outermost part of the epidermis (outer layer of the skin) …

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Medical Tattooing, Permanent Make-up and Microblading

For Microblading and shading of eye brows, both embroidery and microblading techniques are used, to give you a full natural look that lasts longer than microblading alone.

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