Aesthetic Treatments

Medical Tattooing, Permanent Make-up and Microblading

For Microblading and shading of eye brows, both embroidery and microblading techniques are used, to give you a full natural look that lasts longer than microblading alone. Natural colour tones are used that are best suited to each client individually, to enhance and give a natural look.

For Permanent make-up for eye line and lip line, two methods are used, namely the machine and embroidery techniques, which allow your eye and/or lip line to last longer, as the colour is implanted deeper into the dermis through the slanted needles of the embroidery pen.

The colour pigment used is of the highest quality.

Medical tattooing entails areola restoration and reconstruction, scar re-pigmentation and scalp re-pigmentation through hair thinning or hair loss (alopecia).

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