Aesthetic Treatments

Laser Rejuvenation and Hair Removal Treatments

Using a HIPL (High Intensity Pulsed Light) with GEM (Geometrical Energy Management) Hair Removal machine, the results are affordable, painless and highly effective. The machine uses special developed, patented technology for deep skin penetration based on a broadband wavelength. The undesired hair is removed by coagulation of the hair follicle. The high intensity light passes from the light source into the follicle and destroys it. The energy of the light source is absorbed in the pigmented parts of the follicle. The darker the hair the better the results, but even blond, grey or red hair removal is possible and available at this clinic.

Photo rejuvination is very successful in improving the skin’s texture, elasticity and plumpness, due to the stimulation of collagen and elastin fibres through light pulses.

Acne can be treated with great effect, as the light pulse eliminates the P.Acne Bacteria and thus facilitates the disappearance of the redness and pimples. The Herpes Simplex Virus is eliminated with the same light pulse locally.

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