Aesthetic Treatments

Chemical Peel and Anti-Aging Facials

Rejuvi Dermatological, pHformula, IMAGE Skin Care and Mesoesthetic Medical are the ranges used in our Aesthetic Treatments. A chemical peel is an effective anti-aging treatment, which provokes accelerated skin regeneration and rejuvenation in the superficial layers of the skin. Chemical peels consist of and utilise AHA and BHA acids (25% to 75%), mono acids, as well as a combination acids or TCA to improve the skin’s texture, reduce wrinkle depth, post-acne scaring and stretch marks. Through peels, the skin’s elasticity, tonicity and tone are visibly improved and the skin’s complexion smoothed and plumped. Oily and acne prone skin improves through visible pore reduction and excessive sebaceous secretion is diminished. Hyper-pigmented skin is lighter and blemishes significantly improved, skin tone is unified and complexion is brightened, adding luminosity.

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