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Rejuvi Dermatological utilises multiple mechanisms to combat P.Acne bacteria from spreading through aseptic cleansing to kill the bacteria in situ, AHA complex to unplug pores and remove micro-comedones and to inhibit the over-abundance of male hormones that produce excessive sebum in the skin. A special innovative formula consisting of organic acids, zinc and vitamins is used to inhibit sebaceous secretion; this multiple action approach make Rejuvi Acne treatment an effective tool in combating and controlling this skin disorder.

Mesoesthetic with Acnelan, utilizes a special innovative m.acne complex formulation, that combines active substances selected specifically for their complimentary ability to address the numerous factors that affect acne-prone and seborrhoeic skins. This formula contains salicylic acid, mandelic acid and sodium leparglilate, which is combined with a bexaretinyl complex that has a unique synergistic effect that allows deep cleansing and integral renewal of acne-prone and seborrhoeic skins, controlling bacterial proliferation by inhibiting growth and reproduction of the bacterial strains that make up the flora of the skin that block pilosebaceous canals and thereby reducing pimples, papules and pustules.

phformula’s acne range has powerful antimicrobial properties. A strong barrier function is one of the most important qualities of healthy skin. A compromised barrier function can lead to breakouts, dehydration, sensitization and premature ageing. Your skin’s barrier function is weakened when you use harsh products that over exfoliate the skin, and when you are exposed to environmental factors such as extreme temperatures or pollution. The more you protect your skin, the less likely it is to be susceptible to irritation and breakouts.
phformula has developed a unique acne treatment protocol suitable for anyone suffering from acne, from excessive sebaceous secretion and enlarged pores to superficial scarring. The protocol is a seven-step formula: cleanse, degrease, skin permeability, occlusive, resurface, calm & hydrate, and protect.
phformula’s acne resurfacing treatment solutions, penetrate the pores to correct the main manifestations of acne – pimples, papules and pustules – as well as to act on the four main factors that can trigger acne – seborrhoea (the excessive discharge of sebum from sebaceous glands), hyperkeratinisation (the name given to the disorder of the cells lining a hair follicle), microbial colonization (the first sign of infection), and inflammation. To be applied by a skin specialist, the active ingredients include pyruvic acid to penetrate the skin deeply and slowly, azeloglycine, which reduces and inhibits the growth of microbes in hair follicles, and mandelic acid, which kills the microbes, associated with acne breakouts. The treatment works to normalize your skin as quickly and effectively as possible

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